The "curling tournament in Quebec"

From 26th to 29th November 2020
21e Édition

Elite Competition

The elite competition includes about 20 teams. This competition is part of the World Curling Tour and the provincial curling circuit.

The first round takes the form of a triple knock-out. Eight teams will advance to the finals. The total purse will be $27,000, if we have 20 teams, and each 8 participating team is guaranteed a minimum of $2,000 in earnings, in the final round. The winning team will take away a total of $8,000.

All matches in this class are 8 ends, and all teams start on Thursday. The final game will be on sunday.

ELITE - Registration

 The registration cost is set at 810$ (740$ + 50$ World curling Tour+ 20$
provincial circuit) per team.
Send us two checks with your registration form:
 The first, in the amount of $ 400, being a non-refundable deposit,
except in the event of cancellation of the tournament by the organizing
The second, in the amount of $ 410, being the balance of the
registration, may be dated November 1 st 2020 maximum. This amount is
refundable in the event of a cancellation by the team. The committee
must have been notified before October 31 st , 2020 for reimbursement to
be possible.
Make checks payable to: Challenge Casino de Charlevoix.
 The organizing committee will confirm your registration once the registration
form and checks have been received.
 Ship everything to:

Challenge Casino de Charlevoix
C.P. 22
La Malbaie, Québec

G5A 1T6

 Teams traveling by plane and wishing to take advantage of transportation from
and to Quebec airport, must request it from the organizing committee the week
before the tournament, specifying the time of arrival and the time departure. It
is important, when booking your flight, that a travel time of approximately 2
hours is to be expected between Québec Airport and your accommodation.

Download the Form to register